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Terry & Judy use what they believe is a God given talent to express emotions and feelings that can only be conveyed through music. They perform a wide variety of styles from the middle part of the 20th century, primarily the decades of the 60s and 70s, but with some favorites from the 40s, 50s, 80s and 90s thrown in for good measure. With today's technology, many people purchase pre-recorded backing tracks to perform with.  Terry's musicianship and ability as a keyboardist allows for Hear 2 Remember to create their own backing tracks. This sets them apart from the same accompaniment and arrangements that are commonly heard today.  Terry started using this technology in 1990 and quickly impressed those in the musical community with his abilities.  It wasn't long before they decided to disband Judy's 5 piece rock/blues band and work strictly as what was then known as a *high tech duo*.  On stage, Terry plays keyboards, Judy plays guitar, a variety of percussion and because of her background in musical theater, provides an entertaining animated performance. Hear 2 Remember performs a selection of big hits as well as songs that you just don't hear a lot anymore. Many songs in their repertoire are by "one hit wonders", or are just great songs that don't make a radio station play list because they weren't at the higher end of the TOP 40 of the day.  When they are performing, you will certainly hear people commenting of that *forgotten song* that takes them back to a special time in their lives.  Most likely, you will have that same type of experience. So, whether it's Terry & Judy's ability to harmonize beautifully on a romantic Carpenters song, or a powerful rock song by Uriah Heep, to the down home sounds of favorite country artists, the music and vocals are authentic due to both of them having an extensive background in many styles of music.
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